The Worst Time For A Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodelSo, you are at the cabinet shop and you brought along a list of measurements of your kitchen. As you wait around the store, you notice the air’s scent is that of mixed cut wood as well as shavings. With the best plans for your kitchen playing in your head and a folder filled with sample pictures of cabinets and finishes, you are excited to see the result of your desired kitchen remodel. The designer is now working on his or her computer and making the layout. Then you are asked whether you want to have the fridge or faucet near your stove?

After working with the designer for several hours and after answering tons of questions, you finally have the layout that you want to have for your kitchen remodeling project. The next thing you do is select the kitchen cabinets. Do you prefer to have a spice rack to come along with the wall cabinets? Or do you want it to be placed near the oven? Do you like the size of the pantry or do you want to have it bigger?

After long hours of discussion with your family and the designer, you have finally chosen the cabinets that you like. The next thing to do is choose the perfect countertop. You are presented with various options like granite, concrete, or marble. You ask your designer which is best and you end up choosing one that best fits the overall theme of your Myrtle Beach kitchen remodel.

You then get a glimpse of your calendar and you realized that you can’t finish all these in time before the holidays. Several homeowners who have tried to do a kitchen remodel before Christmas that you should wait until the holiday’s over. Think about it, what will you do if you start the renovations now and end up not having any kitchen to use during the holidays? It’ won’t be pretty, that’s for sure!

The worst time for a kitchen remodel is right before the holidays. Keep in mind that there will always be some unforeseen circumstances that could lead to delays in the completion of the kitchen remodel. It may be in a form of a missing trim or perhaps a damaged cabinet. Experts recommend that you put off your remodeling plans until the beginning of the New Year. Preparing for Christmas can bring enough stress especially with all the shopping and cooking that you have to do. You wouldn’t want to add living on a construction site, right?

While waiting for the New Year, you can start to get rid of all the things that you no longer need in your kitchen. You may even start to move things to move things to a secure location after Christmas. This will serve as an early prep work for your upcoming remodeling project. For now, enjoy the holidays and spend time with your loved ones.

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