Women and Home Improvement: Recommended Resources

Home improvement Myrtle BeachRemember the Helen Reddy hit song “I am woman, hear me roar …”, those renowned lyrics motivated the empowerment of the female half of the population. More recently, that message could be upgraded to “I am woman, hear me hammer…” as more ladies begin to handle the formerly male-dominated field of home remodel. Our role might vary from Do It Yourself (that is, carrying out all the manual labor involved in a job) to Direct It Yourself (making informed options relating to design and contents for a large-scale kitchen remodel or bathroom upgrade all the way up to a room addition, then being able to select and supervise the necessary specialists to make our vision come to life). In the process, we attain the satisfaction of shaping our own environment. What’s more, in 2016’s social networks loving atmosphere, we have the ability to share every action of the procedure instantly with friends and family, next door or on the other side of the globe. Here are some resources to assist us along the way.


Some home improvement stores offer free classes. A few of these are focused on ladies only– which hold out the promise of a safe area to find out about Do It Yourself without the interruption of male attention hogging or criticism. There has actually been some criticism, nevertheless, of “do-it-herself” guideline that seems to assume that female students are all at a newbie’s level and interested primarily in the creation of pretty decorative objects rather than tackling more difficult subjects such as hanging drywall. You may prefer a course provided at your regional community college or by a tutor to get advanced skills.


Books are a great resource of info on home repair and improvement that have an advantage over other resources because they are both portable and accessible at your local library or bookstore. Many people find it easier to haul a book out to the workshop or garage and follow its step-by-step picture guidelines, rather than squinting at images on a little screen. Interestingly, when we searched “home improvement books for women,” the results consisted of how-to manuscripts on all sorts of jobs, however, none were designed for female readers. There was one intriguingly titled “Do-It-Yourself Family,” loaded with home remodeling projects for each space of the house and created to get every family member included.

Internet Blog sites and Videos

Turning to the Web, you’ll discover a myriad of home improvement blogs and videos. I particularly like one titled “See Jane Drill” (simply the name made me sit up a little straighter in my office chair). This website has fixated clear videos and articles which handle challenging subjects like “How to Sand Drywall Utilizing a Pole Sander” or “The best ways to repair cracks in Asphalt Driveway,” provided by hosts Karen and Leah. The site’s motto is especially empowering: You can do this!

Social Media

One of the most vital resources for home improvement information, encouragement, and general camaraderie are sites including user-generated content. Think Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, chat rooms, and other social media. While their initial draw is primarily cute pictures, users are exceptionally charitable in sharing their home renovation pointers and experience– successful or otherwise– or providing recommendations and (mainly favorable) feedback to fellow readers. This kind of available online interaction is very important to today’s woman, whether she is a multitasking working lady, a stay-at-home mom having a hard time making ends meet in today’s economy, and/or one of the increasing number of single female property owners. Online home improvement websites provide not just tips and guidelines, but likewise a sense of community.

Regardless of whether you decide to try and do part of the work yourself or you have a dream renovation project, Square One Home Improvements is here to help you make your home improvement dream a reality. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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