Utilize a Certified Contractor for These 4 Factors

contractor Myrtle BeachLike in any market, there is a sizable disparity in the ability, experience, and respectability of local home improvement and repair professionals. Put simply, not all contracting professionals are created equal.

Fortunately, there is a method to weed out the uninspired candidates (and plain old frauds) right off the bat. Finding a local home renovation contractor with the correct licensing is the initial step to your home improvement success. Below is a little more information on the value of using a correctly certified contractor.

1. State Licensing Requirements

Licensing requirements for general professionals differ state by state. Each state has its own licensing board that notes its individual requirements. You can check with your local county government to verify the license for any local contractor. Or simply ask the contractor for a copy of their license.

2. General Professional Licenses

Various aspects of a building project need different types of licensing. It is very important to keep in mind that while a general contractor is the individual that handles and oversees your building project (buying products and hiring subcontractors to assist), they do not always personally have the licensing that authorizes them to do all the tasks on a building job. It is important to examine exactly what types of tasks a basic specialist’s license is good for in your state.

3. Added Licenses

A lot of states permit general contractors to look for licenses for specific tasks. These jobs include things such as roof installation, electrical work or plumbing tasks.  To obtain such a license, the specialist needs to show they are proficient in these areas of work.

General contractors that do not have skill or experience in these unique locations will need to hire a subcontractor to do this work. Once again, these subcontractors are needed to have the special licensing to begin the work.

4. What About Unlicensed Contractors?

You are most likely reading this article because you are interested in remodeling or adding to your home. The chances are good that you will come across at least one unlicensed construction professional in your hunt for the best one. And most of the time this contractor will be just as experienced and highly evaluated as the ones with the correct licensing. What’s up with this?

The reality of the matter is that licensing for this type of professionals is puzzling. Rules differ from one state to another. Some cities and counties require extra licensing. Even contractors that are attempting to play by the guidelines can accidentally start deal with a job they are unknowingly incorrectly licensed for. And, on top of that, numerous cities, counties, and states do not strictly implement their licensing laws.

In Horry County for example, a general contractor only needs a license if they are doing commercial construction. However, there are specialty licenses that are available for specific types of construction. Ask the contractor you are considering to provide proof of the licenses for which they have qualified.

Generally, you need to safeguard yourself. You need to have a firm grasp of your area’s licensing laws and you have to understand exactly what licenses your general contractor has. It is wise to stay involved throughout the whole renovation project, inspecting the licensing of each specific subcontractor your general professional hires.

When it boils down to is that many basic contractors make a minimum of attempt to have the appropriate licensing. Unfortunately, there are always those contractors that have not bothered with the appropriate licensing. Your best choice is to select a respectable and licensed general specialist and stay involved with the construction process from start to finish.

Square One Home Improvements is a licensed contractor in Horry County. We are happy to share a copy of our various licenses with any new home renovation project.

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