6 Essential Upgrades to Make Immediately When You Purchase a New Home

Upgrades Myrtle BeachIf you have recently purchased a new home, now is the perfect time to care of upgrades. Personalize your new abode by making it more beautiful, much safer, and more functional before you actually start living there. You’ll prevent the headache and trouble of your family camping out in the midst of a building and construction site, plus when you do move in, you will be welcomed by a house that is simply the method you desire it. Here are 6 upgrades you ought to consider making right away.

The Electrical System

It’s an easy equation: a resale house has the tendency to come with an insufficient electrical system. The probability is good that you’ll wish to update your electrical panel to accommodate today’s electronics-heavy lifestyle. What’s more, if your older house is geared with obsolete aluminum or knob-and-tube electrical wiring, you will most likely have to have an electrical expert rewire the entire house, a complex, messy job that you do not desire to be around for.


Out-of-date plumbing fixtures such as toilets or showers are not just awful, they are likewise ineffective. Think about replacing appealing brand-new WaterSense low-flow designs; your cost savings on water bills and fuel for the water heater will more than cover the purchase and setup expenses with time. Take a look at worn-out or damaged piping that may need to be replaced to protect your investment and potentially your health. Leaky or sub-standard plumbing pipes can cultivate the growth of mold and mildew, which are harmful to member of the family who struggle with asthma, allergic reactions, or other breathing issues.

Kitchen Renovation

Unless you make a routine habit of avoiding breakfast and eat out every night, you can anticipate to invest a great deal of your home time in the cooking area. Even if a total cooking area overhaul is not in the cards, a small kitchen area remodel can make this important space more attractive and comfortable. Suggestions: Paint the walls– and cabinets too (an affordable fix if they’re generally in good shape but just looking a little exhausted), include job lighting, update the devices, and/or alter out the existing floor covering.


Fresh-looking, high quality floor covering like glamorous wood will certainly add to the eye appeal of your new house. But beyond its undeniable good appearances (and resale value, though you most likely aren’t going to be going down that roadway for a while yet), it makes your floors more comfy for strolling, running, sitting, and simply normally living on. Do not want the trouble or expense of changing floor covering throughout your new house? Upgrade in the public areas and leave the bed rooms as is.

Modern Appliances

Buy energy saving appliances for increased efficiency in many ways. In addition to saving on your electric bill, they perform much better than older models — for instance, a contemporary refrigerator will keep your food fresh and crisp and a brand-new on-demand tankless heating unit will supply a plentiful supply of hot water. That’s not to discuss that they will make a great-looking completing touch for your brand-new digs.

Storage and Organization

Here’s hoping that you were lucky to find a house which provides lots of wardrobe area. However, that is just the initial step in getting your stuff organized. Install wardrobe organizers and your new motto will be “a location for everything and things in its location.” Integrated shelving, whether for corralling all your bathroom essentials or showing off ornaments, books, and artwork in your family room or living area, is another decorative storage solution that is practical at the same time. Now you understand where to put the contents of all your moving boxes as soon as you’re prepared to unpack!

Whether you just purchase a new home or have lived in your home for some time and are ready for an upgrade – call Square One Home Improvement for great ideas and to help you from beginning to end.

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