Read This Before Getting Started on a Home Remodel Project

contractor Myrtle BeachBe prepared. When you are planning for a home remodel, it is a good idea to take this idea from the Boy Scout manual and do as much preparation beforehand as you possibly can. The more you know about what you want and how you hope to accomplish it, the smoother your remodeling process is likely to be. Utilize these do’s and don’ts to guide you.

Your Guide To Getting Started on a Home Remodel Project

DO know exactly what you want. Start by clarifying the certain goal(s) of your potential remodel. For instance, specifically stating, “I’d like a dedicated kitchen area for food preparation, kid’s meals, and wine storage,” will tell your home remodel specialist much more than just “I want to redo the kitchen area.”

DO precisely evaluate exactly what you have. Take a great long look at your house, with a measuring tape ready. Decide whether your dream restoration will fit, in terms of both style and physical percentages.

DO do your homework and know the sizes and types of structural materials readily available. Utilizing standard sized lumber, cabinets, and even tubs will conserve you money and often time. And it will be a heck of a lot easier to buy tile by color number than searching for an evasive “greeny-blue” shade.

DON’T ignore the law. Learn which jobs your city government requires you to pull a permit for and whether you will have to have actually the work inspected to verify that it is up to code. Do not even think of skipping these actions. Failure to follow local procedures could threaten your homeowner’s insurance or the future possibility of selling your home, not to mention your household’s security.

DO be realistic about the potential ROI. Think about the value of your home and exactly what features other properties in the neighborhood have, especially prior to putting your home on the market. It is perfectly legit to “stalk” property listings for your location to find out how (and whether) to keep up with the Joneses.

DO take health into consideration— your own and the health of our planet. Wherever possible, choose upgrades that will save energy and improve your house’s indoor air quality.

DON’T pay good money for a home remodel job that relies heavily on materials which are excessively cheap and/or fashionable. If you are expecting to remain in your existing home for 10 years or more, pick good quality materials in traditional styles. They will continue to look excellent and give excellent efficiency over the long run. They’ll also make your home stick out from the crowd for prospective purchasers.

DON’T focus on surfaces only. While your walls are opened up and your home life is basically in mayhem anyway, seize the day to re-pipe your plumbing system and upgrade your electrical circuitry. Neither of these is most likely to be the hot subject of conversation at your next cocktail party, however, they are sound financial investments and when you prepare to sell, do not kid yourself, a professional home appraiser will look a lot more carefully at these things than the color of your wall paint.

DO be reasonable about your budget plan. Add a minimum of 15 to 20 percent extra to cover unexpected problems (like repairing water damage behind that shower you’re replacing, perhaps).

DON’T overestimate your tolerance level. Will you depend on living in your house in the midst of a full-scale remodel– even when you have no kitchen or floor? Similarly vital– will your remodeling contractor be able to work effectively and securely if you’re around 24/7?

DO weigh the trouble of a home remodel against the stress of moving if all this sounds overwhelming. Remember “moving” indicates not only evacuating and carrying your stuff, but also caring for everything that precedes and follows it– putting your existing home on the market, making it available for showings on short notice, searching for a brand-new one, finding brand-new schools (and good friends) for your kids, etc., and so on. When you take a look at it that way, renovating does not sound like such an inconvenience after all.

We understand the stress of a renovation. Give Square One Home Improvement a call before you get started with some good advice and a quote.

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