How to Patch Holes in Drywall

Drywall Myrtle BeachHave you ever had a project that was more of a nuisance than anything else? If you’re like most people who are homeowners in Myrtle Beach, the answer is yes. In fact, sometimes it might even seem easier to tackle bigger home remodeling projects.

A hole in the drywall can be one such small job, and it’s easy to just keep putting it off. However, you can make these repairs yourself without hiring a major contractor.

Small Holes in Drywall

To start with, scrape or sand away loose pieces of drywall until you get a smooth finish. You don’t need any fancy tools; a simple putty knife will do. Next you will need to spackle the area. Make sure to let that dry for a bit before going on to the next step. If you see that the small hole is not filled, then apply more spackle and let that dry as well.

Next, sand it smooth. You want a smooth finish so you can continue making the repair. Sometimes you may have a nail or screw that has popped. This too is quite a simple fix. Drive in the nail or screw and spackle and sand as above.

Repaint the area with the same color paint, allowing it to dry before applying a second coat. Sometimes paint fades depending on where the natural sunlight hits it. If one coat is sufficient, then don’t apply a second. Sometimes one coat is all you need.

Medium Size Holes

Sometimes you get holes in your drywall for the most obvious reason, like when someone opens the door and the doorknob creates a hole. Maybe you forgot to install a door stopper and it’s too late now.

It’s not too late to repair the door knob-sized hole, though. Buy yourself a small patch kit at any local home store. Stick the patch over the hole, use a drywall knife and cover with joint compound. You will begin to notice that the hole already looks as if it were never there. Make certain to sand this smoothly when dry, and then paint accordingly.

Larger Holes in Drywall

For larger holes, you will need to use an extra piece of drywall. You will need to cut the extra piece of drywall larger than the hole, and hold it up against the hole, tracing the outline. Using a jigsaw for drywall, cut out the drywall according to the lines you’ve traced.

Secure strips of wood inside the new hole and then place the drywall patch inside the hole and secure the drywall to the wood strips by screwing them in. Joint tape, compound, dry and then sand it down before painting.

While it may be one of those nuisance things on your to-do list; fixing a hole of any size is relatively easy and not all that time-consuming either. Once you do it and see how easy it is, you’ll wonder why you left that hole there for so long.

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