Three Simple Myrtle Beach Home Improvement For Under $100

Home Improvement Myrtle Beach SCIt appears everybody is looking for funding to make sure they could proceed with their Myrtle Beach home renovation project. Some people will spend hundreds of bucks to improve the aesthetics of their home. Significant renovations such as a brand new floor covering or a deck would require a substantial amount of cash. However, you do not have to go at such great lengths when remodeling your house.

There are 3 crucial spots in your Myrtle Beach home that could make a major difference in its appearance, these are: the entrance, bathroom and kitchen. By doing one of the suggestions below, you could make a major home improvement without breaking the bank. What’s stopping you from doing all 3 when they only cost less than $100?

Three Simple Myrtle Beach Home Improvements With Major Changes


The old saying that, “first impressions last,” could quickly trigger the way your guests respond once they enter your Myrtle Beach home. Has your welcome floor covering lost its welcome charm? It’s time to enliven your entryway so that what you’ll hear are “oohs” and “ahhs” once they enter your home. When you have a large patio, a potted plant in a steel planter could produce a positive ambiance. Don’t worry, modern planters cost only $10.

If you’re truly adventurous, a layer of brightly-colored $20 paint on your front door could develop a spark. If you handle this challenge, it’s a smart idea to ensure that the paint matches your home.

Kitchen Area

When you look at your kitchen area, what captures your interest initially? Maybe all those cool cupboards that quietly stash your meals, right? After a few years, you start to crave for a new look. For starters, you may want to give it an excellent cleaning. You would really be shocked as to the amount of dirt and oil that could build up on cupboards over the years. Depending on the product that your cupboards are built from, merely getting rid of the cupboards from their joints and cleaning them with the wet towel can be enough. If not, there are cleaning solutions available on the market, however you should ensure that these solutions will not harm the state of your cupboard.

When your cupboards are shiny once again, you can add or change the handles. They are offered in different variations that may cost you between $.50 and $3, depending on the design. With the typical kitchen area with about 12 closets, your price will not reach $36.


Guest bathrooms are normally restricted to a tiny area and a full bathroom renovation is out of the question. Why not give this space a lift? Exactly what you could include are wallpaper trims, art work, and also a little color. There many designs of wallpaper trim that you could pick for your shower room. You could go as traditional and imaginative as you desire. To enhance the wallpaper trim, you could include an art work. You do not need to go out and acquire a costly art work. You could utilize your creativity to find some suggestions. For instance, a couple of seashells, vibrant material, and a blank photo frame are all you need to create your own art.

If you have any type of remaining paint from your door, you could utilize this to repaint a wall in your bathroom, as long as the shade does not come in conflict with the other aspects of your bathroom.

It’s time to think cheap but elegant when it comes to your home improvement projects, for more ideas you can call Square One Home Improvement in Myrtle Beach.

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